• Gifting is now LIVE
  • 3 free specialty coffees
  • $8 a month (plus sales tax)
  • Roasted in Brooklyn, NY


We believe everyone deserves access to specialty coffee because you shouldn’t have to put up with bad coffee anymore. So we are teaming up with local Cafes to bring you 3 free specialty coffees a week for $8 a month (plus sales tax). Of course to make sure our local baristas can keep up with the demand it’s one FREE Specialty Coffee per day, per customer, your next free coffee will be available within 24 hours.

All you need to do is download the Coffeesup app and sign up for free.

Our ethically sourced and locally roasted beans are delivered from our good friends at Abbotsford Road Roastery, your new favourite specialty coffee will soon be available from a cafe near you.

Join the Coffeesup-rising today. Enjoy.


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