CoffeesUp Installation Checklist

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    Name of Café*
    Store Manager*
    Installer Full Name*
    Install Date*
    Task Description of Task MUST Complete*
    Required Equipment Before booking the installation make sure you have the required equipment

    a) Tablet
    b) Stand
    c) Training Manual- Hard Copy
    d) Training Manual – Electronic Copy
    e) Sticker for the back of Tablet
    f) Sticker for front window
    Book the Installation Book the date and time to install the App with the Store Manager
    Emailing - Employee Record the email address and password:

    Serial number – Tablet Record the Serial Number for the Tablet:
    Google Play Set up Google Play Account for tablet - use the email (password #Rising2021 )
    Automatic Updates Turn on Automatic Updates for Google Play in Settings
    Stay Awake Turn on Developer Mode in the tablet and enable the Stay Awake mode
    Install App & Notification Settings Install the App on the Tablet and open the App - this can be done before arriving onsite at the café + PDF copy of Training manual on Tablet

    a) Ringtone HIGH
    b) Sound notifications - ON
    c) Screen timeout - OFF
    Café WiFI Connect the tablet to the Café's Wifi
    Café Owner copy of email Ensure the Café Owner has a copy of the email from Admin Panel – this has their login details to the admin panel
    Café Owner – login Ensure the Café Owner can login to the Admin Panel
    Café Owner – Change Password Check the Café Owner has changed their password and re-log in with their new password
    Check Login Log in with Café Employee's login details to make sure it is working
    Sticker Place the sticker on the back of the Tablet with login details
    Test Transaction Put a test transaction through the system to make sure it is working
    Sticker on the front door Place the CoffeesUp sticker/decal on the front door
    Training Manual Email copy to Café Manager + PDF copy on Tablet
    Complete Training to TWO staff members Select the position of the staff:

    Training completion*
    Select the position of the staff:

    Training completion*
    Installer Sign + Date
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