Student Ambassador Programme


If you’re a coffee lover and a student who lives, works or loves to play in Brooklyn. We need you.


We’ll keep it simple. You’ll join an exclusive crew, you’ll not only be joining a team of like-minded coffee lovers, you’ll enjoy the chance to reap the rewards from your Varsity or College. It works like this:

1.Send your closest 25 friends a free coffee via the “friend get friend” text function on the app and enjoy 6 months FREE coffee all to yourself. That’s 3 free barista-made coffees per week from any our participating cafes.

2.If you send your closest 50 friends FREE coffee via the app, you’ll enjoy 12 months of free coffee.

3.Plus for everyone who earns 12 months free, we’ll top you up with free beans from our Roastery for your home.

4.For the biggest all-star who sends 100+ friends free coffees and can show energy, tenacity and passion there is an opportunity to join us for an internship at our Roastery based in Brooklyn.

Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

To apply for the student programme fill in form or email us

    Customer Enquiries

      Business Enquiries


      How many cafe’s can I order from?

      You can order from as many cafes as you wish and your prior orders can be easily repeated on the app.

      Where is COFFEESUP located?

      Our headquarters are in Brooklyn New York, and our partner cafe are located throughout the USA.

      I have a question about the App, who should I contact?

      Please contact us via email on and we will be happy to assist.

      Once I have used my daily free coffee how long do I have to wait?

      You are entitled to 3 free coffees per week with each free coffee to be redeemed on different days. Your free coffees will reset each week on the day you first registered.

      Can I cancel my subscription whenever I like?

      You may cancel your subscription at any time.

      How many coffees can I order a day?

      Enjoy as many of our specialty coffees per day as you wish. Please note you may only redeem one of your free coffees each day with a maximum of 3 per week.

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